My Plan for New Term作文700字(小升初英语作文)

My Plan for New Term

My Plan for New Term作文700字(小升初英语作文)

The new semester is coming and I want to make a plan for it. Firstly, I will work as hard as before. I really did a good job last term, so I want to keep good as well. During the summer holiday, I did some previews and I found that the courses are not very hard. Secondly, I will spend more time in reading. Reading is really good to a person, because we can learn a lot from books and broaden one’s horizon. Besides, reading can help us think more and deeply. Finally, I will take part in exercises actively and regularly. No matter how busy I am, I will set sometime aside to build my body which is the basic of any other things. Moreover, after doing exercise, I feel so fresh and relaxed that I can put my whole heart in doing something, such as study, reading, thinking and so on. So this is the plan for the new semester and I am sure I can carry it out step by step.

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